Important: 3/24/2020

Nature’s Helper Medical Clinic is open and able to help! Temporary office hours are by appointment. We are scheduling both in-person and telephone consult visits. Supplements are available either for pickup at the office or mailed to your home. Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions.

Nature’s Helper Medical Clinic


Naturopathic medicine is an art and science that draws both from traditional healing therapies and cutting edge scientific research. Dr. Munro uses natural and non-invasive treatments to treat the whole person, not just disease symptoms. She provides education about health concerns and available treatments. Patients receive guidance and support at every step along the way to restoring balance and vitality.

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Nature's Helper Medical Clinic

Dr. Stacey Munro

Dr. Stacey Munro, a Naturopathic physician, has been treating adults, teenagers, and children for chronic health issues since 2007. Nature’s Helper Medical Clinic recently moved from Windsor, CT to a newly renovated facility in Suffield, CT.

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Here are just some of the conditions treated at our Suffield, Connecticut clinic:

Allergies/ Asthma/ Eczema
Autoimmune disease
Food Sensitivities
High blood pressure
High cholesterol

Inflammatory bowel disease
Irritable bowel syndrome
Menopause treatment
Type II diabetes

Dear Dr. Munro,

I can’t thank you enough. I have been suffering with stomach pains for 4 years. After years of going through all types of tests and being given prescriptions that only made things worse, I am now pain free. No one else including the gastroenterologist thought to test me for food allergies and sensitivities. Now that I have changed my diet, I feel great!

– S.L. Windsor, CT