July 29, 2016

The Sunscreen You Use Matters More Than You Think

The hotter it is, the more we think about sunscreen, and it has been hot here lately!  Sunscreen ingredients and effectiveness vary widely.  Most people don’t think about the sunscreen that they choose beyond the SPF on the bottle and maybe the price. Were you aware that the SPF has nothing to do with protection against skin cancer? There are a lot more factors to consider. The two major categories of sunscreen on the market […]
February 15, 2020

CBD Oil and Gummies-Good or Not?

CBD oil and gummies are everywhere these days, including the corner store and at Grandma’s house.  CBD or Cannabidiol is a component of the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa).  Initial research shows that CBD is safe and effective for a myriad of health conditions such as pain relief, reducing inflammation, easing anxiety, and as a sleep aid.  CBD is mainly used as a holistic or alternative medicine treatment to help balance the body’s internal systems.  Hemp […]