Two Healthy Weight Loss Programs Are Available

Ultra Lite Program

A Heart-Healthy Weight Loss Diet That Delivers Results

Ultra Lite is a physician-monitored weight loss diet offered at our Tariffville, Connecticut clinic. It works where other weight loss programs fail. Using a structured eating plan, a patient enters “dietary ketosis”. This is a metabolic state where body fat is burned for energy, instead of dietary carbohydrates. This can naturally occur even when not following a diet, such as in the morning before breakfast or while fasting. The difference is that while on Ultra Lite, a low level of ketosis is maintained throughout the day and night. This level is monitored at home using strips to test first morning urine.

Although dietary carbohydrates are low, it is NOT an Atkin’s-style diet. Proteins and carbohydrates are balanced in a way that is heart-healthy. Dietary options include various protein sources, vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy oils and fats, as well as herbal seasonings, sea salt, and apple cider vinegar. Most people feel great and have more energy without hunger. Cravings for carbohydrates and sugar also diminish. Ultra Lite is a healthy weight loss diet that gives you results.

Learn how the Ultra Lite ketogenic weight loss diet works.

For permanent weight loss, structure and consistency are important.

Our Modified Mediterranean Eating Plan is More Than a Fad Diet

FirstLine Therapy Program

Our Modified Mediterranean Eating Plan is More Than a Fad Diet

The FirstLine Therapy program treats the myriad of chronic health conditions related to the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  The plan includes a healthy diet almost anyone can follow, medical foods to support healthy body composition, and a regular exercise program.  The Mediterranean-style eating plan is balanced and promotes natural weight loss over time.  It is not a quick fix, but rather a plan that you can follow for life.  Most people enjoy the flexibility and the variety of healthy foods that they can eat while following the plan.  The FirstLine Therapy program has proven results in increasing lean body mass (muscle), reducing body fat, especially inflammatory belly fat, and better hydration and health of body cells.

To start the program, there is an initial visit where baseline labs and body composition testing are obtained. Dr. Munro goes over the results of your testing and custom designs a diet and exercise plan to fit your needs.

Learn more about the FirstLine Therapy healthy weight loss program.

Healthy weight loss requires a balanced diet.

For Natural Weight Loss, a Balanced Diet is Important

Whether you choose a structured or more flexible plan, healthy weight loss is more than a fad diet. Long-term success requires that you make a lifestyle change. If natural weight loss is what you want, you can feel good about choosing either Ultra Lite or FirstLine therapy as both use real food and not pre-packaged meals or meal replacements. At our Tariffville, CT office we offer these individualized weight loss programs to fit your needs.

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Nature’s Helper weight loss programs are safe and effective.

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