Your First Visit

The initial visit takes 60-90 minutes and includes a full history and physical exam. Patients receive an individualized treatment plan that focuses upon their health concerns, family history, and risk factors for disease. At Nature’s Helper Naturopathic Clinic, we offer services for preventative medicine as well as for treatment of chronic conditions.

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Herbs, nutritional supplements, and homeopathy may be used as part of your treatment. Dr. Munro chooses natural medicines based on their safety and efficacy. Sometimes natural treatments can replace regular medical treatments or provide drug-free alternatives. It may also be possible to eliminate or reduce medication over time as your health is restored.

We help patients achieve better health using nutrition, herbs, and other natural treatments

Proper diet and nutrition help to prevent the development of chronic disease.

Diet, Nutrition, and Healthy Lifestyle

Services include dietary and lifestyle counseling, weight loss, and detoxification programs. Learn which dietary and lifestyle patterns are contributing to your chronic conditions.

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Laboratory Testing

Testing is provided through local reference laboratories and is often covered by insurance. Additional testing for food sensitivities, hormone levels, neurotransmitters, adrenal function, yeast overgrowth, nutrients, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease are also available. These are specialized tests which may be out-of-network with some insurance plans. Most out-of-network labs offer pre-pay discounts and provide receipts that can be used for insurance reimbursement.

What to Bring

Bring your completed New Patient Forms (link to forms below), your insurance card, labs within the last year (if you have them), and a list of current supplements and medications with dosages.

Bring patience- Although you may have had your condition for many months or years, it can take several months to get back on track. Plan one month of treatment for every year that you have been sick. There is some trial and error that goes along with natural treatments. Supplements and herbs are not like drugs, each person can respond to them differently and they may affect multiple functions of the body. Sometimes the first treatment chosen doesn’t work. Dr. Munro will work to find the best treatments for you.

Bring commitment- You will more than likely be making dietary and lifestyle changes as part of your treatment plan. Be ready to make a commitment. You do not have to make all of the changes at once, baby steps are ok.
Bring Questions- Dr. Munro can answer questions that you may have about your health. This will help you better understand your health condition and the potential treatments available to you.

New Patient Forms

In preparation for your appointment, below are our New Patient forms for you to download and print. If you have any questions regarding the information being requested, please call us at 860-217-1074.

1/2024 Please contact the office for forms as we are updating

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I began seeing Dr. Munro for assistance with migraine headaches. I have suffered from migraines for about fourteen years without relief for much of the time. Eventually, a few years ago I was put on a daily medication for the migraines, which did provide relief but also had some negative side effects. Most recently, even the daily medication was not preventing my migraines and they were happening much more frequently. I made the decision to try something different and went to see Dr. Munro. With her input and assistance, I made many diet changes that were not too difficult to do, with some effort and a willingness to change. I am now off the daily medication completely, and barely have migraines as compared to before. My energy has also improved, I feel much better and have received many compliments on how radiant I look. Dr. Munro helped me obtain relief from my migraines and has changed my life.

– B.S. CT