Alternative Medicine Or Holistic Medicine – What Does This Mean?

Holistic Medicine

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Holistic medicine is not just eating healthy, it is an approach to the care of patients that any doctor, not just a natural medicine doctor might have. Holistic medicine involves the body, mind, and spirit, instead of just treating sick “parts”. A Naturopathic physician applies natural treatments to benefit the whole person.

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine practiced at Nature’s Helper Naturopathic Clinic in CT.

Alternative medicine consists of a wide range of practices, products, and therapies not typically used by conventional medical practitioners. These include nutritional and lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, herbs, supplements, and other natural remedies. Alternative medicine can be an adjunct to, or an alternative to the conventional medical approach, which relies heavily on medications. As research validates alternative medicine, it is becoming more widely accepted.

Curious about alternative medicine for women’s health conditions?

Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine is using alternative treatments along with conventional medicine. This approach may provide increased effectiveness, relief from medication side effects, and quicker recovery while going through a conventional treatment. An example is a cancer patient receiving dietary counseling and nutritional supplements during or after chemotherapy treatments.

Everyone can benefit from a holistic medicine approach to their health!

What Are Homeopathy Treatments?

Dr. Munro is experienced in homeopathy treatments. Her clinic is located in Suffield, CT.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the philosophy of “like treats like”. In homeopathy, the dose of medicine is very small. Choosing the correct homeopathic remedy is like using noise cancelling headphones, the energetic pattern of the remedy cancels or modifies the disease. Homeopathy is used for acute and chronic conditions. It is safe for pets and babies and does not have any drug interactions.

Naturopathic physicians practice many types of natural treatments, including homeopathy, in accordance with their unique philosophy

Dr. Munro enabled me to find success in several areas of health, including the elimination of allergy symptoms, digestive issues, and depression. When I started with her, I was on four long-term medications, and despite the medications, I continued to have symptoms. Now, I am off all of those medications and symptom-free.

Throughout the process, Dr. Munro gave me concrete steps to take, provided the rationale behind her suggestions, and explained how those steps might help me reach my long-term goals. She was realistic in acknowledging that the individual nature of natural remedies requires experimenting, adding things in and taking things out until we found the combination that worked for me.

Dr. Munro was very empowering, giving me options and suggestions based on my particular situation, but encouraging me to be the final decision maker. She carefully considered suggestions I brought based on my own research, supplemented my suggestions with her own knowledge or words of caution as needed, and together we tried various options and ultimately found what worked best.

In addition to her naturopathic expertise, Dr. Munro is a wonderful person. She is warm and supportive, eager to understand and connect, and is a joy to work with. My husband was my partner in my year-long journey to good health; he attended all my sessions with Dr. Munro, and she encouraged him to be an integral part of the process.

I recommend Dr. Munro to anyone considering natural alternatives as a means of achieving better health. Her knowledge, empowerment, and support helped me get off all long-term medications while simultaneously eliminating all symptoms—a success story whose facts make the strongest recommendation of all.

- J.M. CT