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I Had Covid -19! Natural Immune Boosting Treatments

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I want to start by saying that anyone who lost a family member or has dealt with ongoing symptom due to a Covid -19 infection, I am truly sorry.  This virus has mutated and clearly affects people differently depending on their age and health.  I happened to contract Coronovirus a week before Christmas 2021.  I always wore my mask in public and I limited contact with groups of people.  There were some natural immune boosting treatments that I did right away that I believe helped keep my symptoms very mild.

Immune health starts with your food

A diet of whole foods including many servings of vegetables daily, is a foundation for good health.  Prebiotic fibers found in vegetables, such as leeks, onions, and garlic, provide food for the beneficial bacteria in the gut.  These bacteria can then act as regulators of the immune response.  Beneficial bacterial not only act as a barrier to disease-causing bacteria, but they also produce anti-microbial compounds.  When you feed gut bacteria white flours, sugar, and processed foods, the unhealthy bacteria and yeast flourish.  They don’t help the immune system and may cause other diseases.  You can’t just take a “prebiotic supplement” and expect the same benefits.  Many of these contain FOS (fructooligosaccharides) which are non-specific in feeding both good and bad bacteria.  There are more beneficial forms of supplemental prebiotics, but it is best to get them from the diet.

Anti-Viral Herbs and supplements

I have been taking these all Fall and Winter, which most certainly helps me to avoid colds and the flu.  Obviously it didn’t prevent my getting the highly communicable Coronavirus, but taking this throughout my infection may have reduced its duration and severity.  I took vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D, as well as medicinal mushrooms, and herbs.  (Warning -high doses of zinc for too long can affect the balance of other minerals).  We sell immune support formulas that are appropriate for daily use as well as those to take when you want an extra immune boost.  Check out my online dispensary!  As with anything, there is no guarantee that a supplement will prevent or alter the course of an infection, but it is worth a try because it is safe for most people.

Wet-Socks Treatment – An Immune Boosting Superstar

This was the star in my arsenal and what I believe made the most difference.  Wet Socks is a Naturopathic hydrotherapy treatment that utilizes alternating hot and cold water to stimulate the body’s immune response.

What you need:

A water-tight receptacle large enough for both feet.  I recommend having two, one for hot and one for cold water.

A pair of thin cotton socks

Thicker socks made from wool or synthetic material (not cotton) that can completely cover the thin socks.  I have a pair of wool hiking socks that I use for this purpose.

Fill one container with hot water (I use the bathtub) and a second container with cold water (I use a bucket).  The extreme of hot and cold is whatever you can tolerate, but make sure not to burn yourself!  If you are brave enough to add ice to the cold water, go ahead.  Start with your feet in the hot water.  I leave them for a minute or two (to let them adjust).  Then plunge them into the cold.  You may want to leave them here for 30 seconds or so.  It is going to be intense.  Then back to the hot water.  Meanwhile put the thin cotton socks in the ice cold water.  You need to wring out the socks well so they aren’t dripping.  Remove your feet from the bath and towel dry them.  They may appear bright red.  Put a wet sock on each foot and then cover with the dry thicker sock.  Go straight to bed.  You want to leave the socks on at least until they are dry which will happen overnight.  It is surprisingly relaxing.

Contraindications to Wet Socks Treatment

The Wet Socks treatment can be used anytime you want an immune boost.  It is not appropriate for someone with a weakened immune system or a very young child (under 5).  Do not do this if you have neuropathy from diabetes or another cause that affects the feeling in your feet.  You may also want to use caution if you have a serious heart condition such as an arrhythmia.

For advice on supplements and dietary changes to maximize your immune response please call the office to schedule an appointment.

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