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March 19, 2020
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December 28, 2021
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Keep Your Doctor’s Appointment and It Won’t Cost A Penny!


As a small business and healthcare provider, the first thing I did when the COVID-19 epidemic hit was to figure how I could continue to care for my patients.  To my pleasure and surprise, MOST of the major insurers are covering telehealth and phone consultation visits as if they were done in the office.  This applies to “sick” visits with an in-network provider, not preventative medicine or physicals.  I am not sure how it applies for all specialties, but as a Naturopathic specialist in Connecticut, I can offer this service.  This is expected to last for at least 3 months, currently ending between the end of May and mid-June 2020.

While a phone consult may not be optimal, it provides safe access to your physician, quite possibly at no cost to you.  Believe me, after doing these for one day, I long to have my patients back in the office.  It is just not the same.  For right now, though, I will continue to help people in the best way that I can.

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What does this mean for you?

Many insurers, including BCBS, Harvard Pilgrim, and Aetna are covering these visits and waiving the patient responsibility.  This means no copay, co-insurance, and you don’t have to meet your deductible.  Cigna is covering telehealth and phone consults, but NOT waiving the patient responsibility.  So for patients with Cigna, out of pocket cost remains the same.

Of course, you can still come into the office.  For patients with certain health conditions this may make more sense.  You can’t check blood pressure over the phone.

It is a great time to have your health checked, or continue care with your health care partners.  This is especially a good time if you have difficulty finding the time for appointments and money for out of pocket costs.  The insurers are giving a gift right now, and I for one am grateful for this. (When you do EVER get a gift from your insurer?)

Contact us at Nature’s Helper Naturopathic Clinic if we can help in any way.  We are able process supplement orders Monday-Thursday for pick-up, outside drop box, or shipping.

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