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February 15, 2020
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Prevent and Treat Covid-19 (and Other Viruses) Naturally

This past weekend in the U.S. we transitioned from Covid-19 being a nuisance to our daily routine to community quarantine with schools, movie theaters, churches, and gyms closing.  Although there are still relatively few diagnosed cases in the US, the numbers have been climbing.  Most of us are limiting our exposure, but some daily interaction with other people is inevitable unless you and your entire family are quarantined at home.

If you do get sick, immune support may be helpful, but your body is going to have to fight a powerful and damaging virus.  That is why the saying goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Immune system boosters are great for prevention:

My favorites for general immune support include elderberry syrup (anti-viral), vitamin C, and zinc.  I also use larch arabinogalactans, which have a dual purpose of feeding the good bacteria in the gut (which in turn boosts the immune system).  There are many herbal formulas, including some specific for fighting viruses.  Herbs that you may find in these products include Andrographis, licorice root, Chinese skullcap, and Japanese Knotweed.  Rhodiola and medicinal mushrooms such as Cordyceps reduce autoimmune damage to cells, which can be triggered by a viral illness.

We still have some immune support in stock.  Give us a call if you are looking for something!

What else can you do to prevent getting sick (besides avoiding people):

It is always advisable to get enough rest, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and limit sugar.

One of the great Naturopathic immune boosters is a hydrotherapy treatment called Wet Socks.  Instructions for Wet Socks treatment  Wet Socks treatment is done at night before bed.  It is appropriate for anyone who is normally healthy, including children.  It is not appropriate for the elderly, immune compromised, or severely depleted individual.  It can be repeated as needed and is surprisingly relaxing.

Dr. Stacey Munro is a Naturopathic physician located at Nature’s Helper Naturopathic Clinic in Tariffville, Connecticut.  www.Natureshelpermedical.com