December 28, 2021

I Had Covid -19! Natural Immune Boosting Treatments

  I want to start by saying that anyone who lost a family member or has dealt with ongoing symptom due to a Covid -19 infection, I am truly sorry.  This virus has mutated and clearly affects people differently depending on their age and health.  I happened to contract Coronovirus a week before Christmas 2021.  I always wore my mask in public and I limited contact with groups of people.  There were some natural immune […]
December 7, 2022

Avoid Buying Fake Supplements

  By Stacey Munro, N.D. You probably have bought some type of supplement—maybe vitamins, herbs, or probiotics—online because you heard that they are good for you.  But how can you tell if what you’re buying, especially online, is the real thing?  In 2019, Amazon alerted consumers who had purchased Align, a popular probiotic, from a third-party seller that the product was most likely counterfeit and that they needed to stop using it.  Unfortunately, this type […]