March 31, 2020

Keep Your Doctor’s Appointment and It Won’t Cost A Penny!

  As a small business and healthcare provider, the first thing I did when the COVID-19 epidemic hit was to figure how I could continue to care for my patients.  To my pleasure and surprise, MOST of the major insurers are covering telehealth and phone consultation visits as if they were done in the office.  This applies to “sick” visits with an in-network provider, not preventative medicine or physicals.  I am not sure how it […]
December 28, 2021

I Had Covid -19! Natural Immune Boosting Treatments

  I want to start by saying that anyone who lost a family member or has dealt with ongoing symptom due to a Covid -19 infection, I am truly sorry.  This virus has mutated and clearly affects people differently depending on their age and health.  I happened to contract Coronovirus a week before Christmas 2021.  I always wore my mask in public and I limited contact with groups of people.  There were some natural immune […]